Mum's Cream

(NET WT 1 oz)

Specially formulated for pregnant women using Nadúr's Gift.  For blemishes and break outs, reducing dryness, itchiness, redness and inflammation. Supports daily skin health and all skin types. 


Mum's Cream Refillable Pouch

 (NET WT 1 oz)

Same cream as in the jar just packaged in a refillable pouch (think zero plastic waste). Comes with a wipe included to clean the inside container and lid.  


Mum's Cream Customizable Travel Pouch

(NET WT 8 g)

Just provide the name (limited to 12 characters) and we will print on as many pouches as you need, to pamper yourself or delight others as a gift.  


Making travel lighter and simpler with that precious baby in tow.  It’s a win-win blessing, an eco-friendly solution to keeping your moisturizing cream in one hand while your baby is in the other!