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Our Values

When Le Nadúr was founded, our priority was to proudly source edible plant food, apply biotechnology to extract from these plants, nature’s most effective
components.  Then infuse these components as nature’s wisdom into our skincare product in order to provide a revolutionary approach to return wellness to the skin, and healthiness to the body.

All Natural

We source all our safe and high-quality ingredients naturally and responsibly. Our product is vegan and cruelty-free. Thoughtfully created and formulated with you and your baby in mind.


We value a minimalistic approach – minimal number of ingredients for maximum effect, minimal steps in your routine.  With our proprietary extraction method, we unlocked the right proportions of biological components from nature, to provide a nutrient rich and holistic environment that feeds the skin what it needs to rebalance and heal itself. Life is complicated enough let us help you simplify so you can enjoy life. 


We believe that sustainable skincare is the future. Consumerism runs rampant in the skincare industry and has been detrimental to our planet. This is why we chose to only sell one product; one product for your whole skincare routine, because what's best for our planet is best for you. 


We believe in being authentic, honest and responsible in everything we do.  We strive to ensure that all of our ingredients score in a safe category in skincare databases (such as,, and, even if it means several more years of research to get there.  We take the health of your skin and baby seriously.  

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